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6 Ways To Give Your Kitchen A Fresh Look Even On A Budget

Posted by India Kutir on June 17, 2020

6 Ways To Give Your Kitchen A Fresh Look Even On A Budget

Indeed, keeping track of your expenses and making sure that the things you would like to see inside your kitchen will not exceed your budget can be a challenging task to pull off. These are just some of the problems you’ll encounter if you don’t thoroughly layout your entire spending.

To help you manage your expenses wisely, here are a few ways to get the most of your interior kitchen design even on a tight budget.

1. Try to Consider Some Alternative Countertop Materials

You can find several kinds of countertops on the market nowadays — recyclable products, tile, stone, concrete, solid surfaces, and more. The most popular choice would be graphite, but it can be pricey and will ruin your budget plan. Experts would use laminate as an alternative for graphite countertops. The new laminates will look much like a stone. You will not quickly notice the difference in just one glance.

2. Choose To Have An Open Shelving

This option makes your kitchen look stylish by saving up much of its space as well as most of your money. You can display your everyday containers and plates on top of painted wood planks that can be found at your local hardware store. This type of storage is efficient and functional for a small kitchen that needs a lot of storage and has space to be maximized.

3. Look For Different Options When Choosing An Island

Finding a new island with new cabinets for your remodeled kitchen can cost you a thousand dollars. Instead of using cabinets on your island, consider reinventing the purpose of an existing piece of furniture you have at home. You can always use a table or a dresser as an alternative island that will accent your kitchen even better than those that you can find in the market. You only have to remember one simple rule when choosing a piece: make sure it is 36 inches high, just like an average height of a countertop.

4. Try To Keep Your Appliances in Place

If you are planning to rearrange your kitchen or change your kitchen cabinets, then plan not to move any appliances within the space. Moving your appliances that are already wired to your electrical power can cost you big time. You will have to remove or cover up walls, repaint them, and remodel your floor tiles as well. These are simple things that we often forget about whenever a kitchen makeover happens.

5. Go For A Ready-to-assemble Cabinets

Getting custom-built cabinets that are specifically built and designed to fit your space will take up most of your budget. The type of woods that you will choose, the details and period styles will add up to its ultimate cost and delivery time can take much of your time, energy and money.

Cabinets that are in-stocks are perfect if your goal is to just grab a style right off the shelf and go. These types of cabinets are much more affordable for those kitchen remodelers who are on a tight budget.

6. Try To Keep Your Existing Kitchen Cabinets

If your kitchen cabinets are still in good condition and you rather prefer the style of it than the one you can find in stores, then refurbishing it would be the best option you have. You will be surprised how a new colour can change the look of your kitchen cabinets. You only have to ensure that if you are going to do the repainting all by yourself, the coats and the surface should be even otherwise, it would not look polished.

On the other hand, if you believe that repainting or remodeling your kitchen cabinets should be left to the professionals, you can trust PaintCore Finishes to do the job for you. We are a team of experts who know how to refinish kitchen cabinets with a beautiful finish. Visit our website today at for more details.

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