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7 Practical Benefits Of Choosing Glass Railings

Posted by India Kutir on June 18, 2020

7 Practical Benefits Of Choosing Glass Railings

Installing glass railings is a great way to give your home a facelift. Glass has a clean and crisp look that is both sophisticated and practical. It is also easy to maintain and durable. Glass railings can be installed on balconies, porches and stairways. They are also versatile and look good alongside wood and metal. If you are planning to get glass railings installed in your home, knowing about their benefits is helpful.

7 Benefits Associated with Glass Railings

If you are choosing glass railings for your home, the following are some of the perks and enhancements you can expect:

Easy to maintain

Cleaning glass only involves a quality lint-free cloth and glass cleaners or a simple soap water solution. Occasionally wiping with these removes fingerprints and dust and prevents buildup. Use a dry cloth to remove streaks left on the glass.

Easy to install

Glass railings are easy to install and involve simple fixtures and tools. It is recommended that you hire a professional to do it, but if you have the basic skills then you can install them yourself. As glass railings are easy to install, doing so should not take much time.

Does not block light

If you are installing glass railings on your porch or balcony, you will have ample light filtering through, giving your space a bright look. Even indoors they give an airier and brighter feel since they do not pose any obstructions against light sources in the room.

Creates a solid barrier

Unlike wood or stone structures, which can be hollow or designed such that there are gaps between the pieces, glass is a continuous solid barrier which looks sophisticated and protects against airborne dust and strong gusts of wind. Though it is solid, it does not block your view, if used as an external railing.

Versatility of design

Glass railings have a versatile design, look beautiful and complement all kinds of interiors, though they look best in a modern and minimalist setting. They also look good with other materials like wood, stone and metal, creating unique styles that can beautify your home. The capacity to alter the overall style of your home makes glass railings a coveted option among many homeowners.

Creates illusion of space

Since glass is transparent, it does not have an imposing presence in the house but subtly uplifts its overall beauty. It also creates the illusion of more space, making it a great choice for homes with smaller square footage. This illusion can be further enhanced by using the right type of lighting.

Durable and affordable

Contrary to popular belief, glass railings are made from special tempered glass which is very durable, with negligible chances of chipping or breaking. While you may need to check and maintain the hardware from time to time, the glass will not need to be replaced for decades. It is also comparatively more affordable than its wood and stone counterparts.

The perks of glass railings mentioned above are the main reasons why they are so popular among homebuyers. When you buy them from a reputable store, you can rest assured about their quality. You will also find innumerable varieties from which to choose in order to create your own unique and customized glass railings.

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