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Curb Appeal

Posted by India Kutir on February 2, 2021

Ways to Boost Curb Appeal of Your Home

You want to sell your home for a variety of reasons like you might be looking for a bigger house or shifting to a different location because you have got a better job. The reason could be anything but you have to spend time and money to enhance the curb appeal of the exterior of your house. Since First impression is the last impression, you have to make sure home buyers get attracted by the first look of your house.

Understanding Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a term used frequently in the real estate sector for the aesthetic attractiveness of a house from outside. A home seller needs to maximize the curb appeal to attract maximum buyers for their house so that it can be sold faster at a good price. There are various things that can maximize the curb appeal of a house and are comparatively inexpensive, such as painting your front door, replacing your mailbox, doing a thorough cleaning, replacing out-dated light fixtures and hardware.

Your potential buyers might not be interested to get inside to check stunning interiors of the house if it is unattractive from outside.

Here, we will give you some inexpensive tips to improve your house that will give a beautiful curb appeal to your house.

Green Surrounding

Greenery gives curb appeal to your house. Make sure your house is surrounded by green lush plants and flowers. Don’t worry if it lacks greenery you can buy potted flowers and plants which will bring loads of curb appeal and delightful colours. Plant some tree in the porch if you want your house to look more welcoming to potential homebuyers. Please remember, everyone loves fragrance of fresh flowers, so don’t miss it.

Watch Tiny things

As homeowners, you must be roaming around your home from the mailbox to the front gate or from the garage into your home every day. But homebuyers watch tiny things very carefully. Being a seller, you must stand apart from your house pretending to be a homebuyer and look at everything and make sure that any cracks and unsightly debris are not there.

Lawn & Shrubs Maintenance

Your lawn and shrubs play an important role in curb appeal. Make sure to water your lawn regularly to keep it green. Take care of your lawn by reaping the grass and pulling weeds regularly. Don’t forget to prune overgrown shrubs. Keep pruning unwanted branches, buds and roots to maximize curb appeal of your property.

Painting your Home

Fresh colour surely changes the look of your home and keep your house and its curb appeal looking great. Make sure to paint your front door with bold colour for clear visibility and noticeable from streets.

Repair your walkway

Create a new walkway or repair it, if it is broken or cracked. Use pressure water to clean it if looking dirty. Beautify your walkway by placing potted flowers both side.

Add new House Number

House number represents your house so it is obvious that homebuyers’ eye will catch it at the first sight. To boost your home’s curb appeal first thing you have to do is to change your house number. Believe me; it’s going to make a huge difference. In order to catch the eye of homebuyers, use modern house numbers made from brass, aluminium, or even steel.

Take care of your Mailbox

Mailbox is a small part sitting outside your house but it reflects your personality. Don’t ignore this as it adds value to your house curb appeal. Try matching mailbox colour with your house’s exterior.

Front Door

Front door is very important part of your house that is impossible to ignore. Every time when a buyer enters your house, it’s the front door which welcomes. You don’t need to replace front door completely instead you can give a new look to it by a fresh coat of paint and replacing hardware attached to it.

Perfect symmetry

Symmetry is a mathematical term used to match design, colour and anything else that make an excellent curb appeal of your house. Symmetrical compositions help you to arrange things like lanterns, flowers, and anything else in matching colour and order.

Decorate Porch

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