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Does Mayur Vihar come in Delhi or Noida?

Posted by India Kutir on June 4, 2023

Mayur Vihar, a bustling and sought-after residential area, often sparks a geographical debate among its residents and those seeking to settle there. The question frequently arises: Does Mayur Vihar come in Delhi or Noida? In this article, we will delve into the complex issue of Mayur Vihar’s geographical identity, exploring its historical context, administrative boundaries, and the factors that have contributed to the confusion. By understanding the nuances of Mayur Vihar’s location, we can shed light on this intriguing matter.

Historical Background

To understand the geographical identity of Mayur Vihar, it is crucial to delve into its historical background. Originally developed as a cooperative residential society in the 1980s, Mayur Vihar was planned as a part of Delhi’s urban expansion. At that time, the region was within the administrative boundaries of Delhi, further strengthening its association with the capital city.

Administrative Boundaries

Mayur Vihar is divided into three distinct phases: Mayur Vihar Phase 1, Mayur Vihar Phase 2, and Mayur Vihar Phase 3. These phases are located on the eastern banks of the Yamuna River. While Mayur Vihar Phase 1 and Mayur Vihar Phase 2 fall within the jurisdiction of Delhi, Mayur Vihar Phase 3 poses a unique situation.

Mayur Vihar Phase 3: The Borderline Area:

Mayur Vihar Phase 3 straddles the border between Delhi and Noida, an industrial and residential city in Uttar Pradesh. The Yamuna River acts as a natural demarcation between the two regions. This has led to some confusion regarding the administrative identity of Mayur Vihar Phase 3.

Noida Extension Connection

Another factor that has contributed to the confusion is the proximity of Mayur Vihar Phase 3 to Noida Extension, also known as Greater Noida West. Noida Extension is a rapidly developing area that falls under the jurisdiction of Noida. The growth and development in this neighboring region have further blurred the lines between Mayur Vihar and Noida.

Facilities and Services

Residents of Mayur Vihar Phase 3 enjoy the advantage of accessing both Delhi and Noida facilities and services. They can avail themselves of amenities and conveniences offered by both regions, including educational institutions, healthcare facilities, shopping centers, and recreational areas. This unique advantage adds to the appeal of Mayur Vihar Phase 3 as a residential destination.

Legal and Administrative Status

Despite its geographical proximity to Noida, Mayur Vihar Phase 3 still falls under the jurisdiction of Delhi Development Authority (DDA) for administrative purposes. This means that the regulations, land use policies, and development plans are managed by the Delhi government. The legal status of Mayur Vihar Phase 3 reinforces its association with Delhi.


After a thorough exploration of Mayur Vihar’s geographical identity, it becomes apparent that Mayur Vihar primarily falls within the administrative boundaries of Delhi. While Mayur Vihar Phase 3 may be physically close to Noida and shares certain amenities with it, it remains legally and administratively part of Delhi. The historical context, administrative jurisdiction, and services provided by the Delhi government solidify Mayur Vihar’s affiliation with the capital city.

The unique situation of Mayur Vihar Phase 3, located on the border between Delhi and Noida, has understandably led to confusion regarding its geographical classification. However, it is important to recognize that Mayur Vihar, as a whole, is predominantly a part of Delhi. Whether it is the historical association or the legal status, Mayur Vihar maintains its identity as a vibrant residential area within the boundaries of the national capital.

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