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Kanjurmarg Real Estate: The Growing Oasis of Mumbai

Posted by India Kutir on August 9, 2023

Kanjurmarg, a suburb located in the eastern part of Mumbai, has been witnessing significant growth and development in recent years. With its strategic location and improved infrastructure, Kanjurmarg has emerged as a promising real estate destination in the bustling metropolis.

In this blog, we will delve into the factors contributing to the rise of Kanjurmarg real estate market, the key attractions of the area, and why it has become a preferred choice for homebuyers and investors alike.

Prime Location

One of the primary reasons for the surge in demand for real estate in Kanjurmarg is its strategic location. Situated between Powai and Vikhroli, Kanjurmarg enjoys excellent connectivity to the rest of Mumbai. It is well-connected by road and rail, making it convenient for daily commuters.

The Eastern Express Highway and LBS Marg provide easy access to key areas of Mumbai, such as BKC, Andheri, and South Mumbai. Additionally, the Kanjurmarg railway station serves as a vital transportation hub for both the Central and Western Railway lines.

Infrastructural Advancements

Kanjurmarg real estate growth is also bolstered by several infrastructural projects in the pipeline. The upcoming Metro Line 6 (Swami Samarth Nagar to Kanjurmarg via JVLR) is set to enhance connectivity further, reducing travel time and boosting property values. Moreover, the planned Goregaon-Mulund Link Road will provide a direct link to the Western Suburbs, creating a seamless commute for residents.

Greenery and Serenity

In a city known for its fast-paced lifestyle and congested neighborhoods, Kanjurmarg stands out for its greenery and serene surroundings. The area is flanked by the picturesque Sanjay Gandhi National Park, offering residents a refreshing escape from the urban chaos.

The presence of lush green spaces and peaceful lakes makes Kanjurmarg an ideal place to call home for those seeking tranquility without compromising on connectivity.

Commercial Hub

Kanjurmarg is not just a residential paradise; it also serves as a significant commercial and industrial hub. The suburb houses several corporate offices and industrial complexes, attracting professionals looking for proximity to their workplaces.

With various employment opportunities, the demand for residential properties in the area has surged among the working population.

Real Estate Developments

The rapid development of real estate in Kanjurmarg is evident from the numerous housing projects and commercial developments taking shape in the locality. Renowned real estate developers have recognized the potential of this area and have invested in creating luxurious apartments, townships, and office spaces.

The influx of modern infrastructure and amenities has significantly improved the overall quality of life for residents.

Lifestyle and Amenities

Kanjurmarg offers a diverse range of lifestyle amenities that cater to the needs of residents. From shopping malls, entertainment centers, and multiplexes to healthcare facilities, schools, and restaurants, the area boasts a well-rounded infrastructure.

The presence of such amenities adds to the allure of Kanjurmarg as an ideal place for families, young professionals, and retirees.

Investment Potential

Investors have been eyeing Kanjurmarg as a promising destination due to its high appreciation potential. The development of commercial and residential properties has resulted in a steady increase in property prices.

As the area continues to develop and evolve, the real estate market is likely to offer attractive returns on investment in the future.

Sustainability Initiatives

Kanjurmarg is embracing sustainability, with many real estate projects incorporating eco-friendly features. From rainwater harvesting systems to energy-efficient designs, developers are focusing on environmentally responsible constructions.

This sustainable approach appeals to environmentally conscious homebuyers and adds value to the properties in the long run.


In conclusion, Kanjurmarg’s real estate market is a shining example of Mumbai’s continuous growth and development. Its strategic location, improved infrastructure, green spaces, and lifestyle amenities make it an attractive destination for homebuyers and investors alike.

As the area continues to evolve, the future of Kanjurmarg real estate seems promising, offering a balanced blend of urban living and natural serenity for its residents. Whether it’s for living or investment purposes, Kanjurmarg undoubtedly presents a compelling case in the ever-evolving landscape of Mumbai’s real estate.

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