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Pachmarhi Hill Station Places to Visit: Nature’s Sanctuary Await Your Exploration

Posted by India Kutir on September 27, 2023

Nestled in the heart of India, amidst the lush forests of Madhya Pradesh, lies a hidden gem known as Pachmarhi. Often referred to as the “Queen of Satpura,” Pachmarhi is a captivating hill station that beckons travelers with its serene beauty, rich biodiversity, and historical significance. This enchanting Pachmarhi Hill Station Places to Visit offers a perfect blend of natural wonders and historical marvels, making it a must-visit for anyone seeking a tranquil retreat in the lap of nature.


Let’s begin our journey of Pachmarhi Hill Station Places to Visit at the highest point of the Satpura Range – Dhoopgarh. Rising to an elevation of 1,350 meters (4,429 feet), Dhoopgarh provides a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding landscape, especially during sunrise and sunset. The play of colors in the sky against the backdrop of rolling hills is a sight to behold.

Bee Falls

After taking in the awe-inspiring vistas of Dhoopgarh, head over to Bee Falls, also known as Jamuna Prapat. This majestic waterfall cascades down from a height of approximately 35 meters (115 feet), creating a mesmerizing spectacle. The lush greenery surrounding the falls adds to its charm, making it an ideal spot for picnics and photography.

Pandava Caves

Pachmarhi is steeped in mythology, and the Pandava Caves are a testament to this rich heritage. It is believed that the Pandavas, from the Indian epic Mahabharata, sought refuge in these caves during their exile. The five interconnected caves are carved out of sandstone and are now a popular tourist attraction.

Jatashankar Caves and Temple

Another mystical cave system awaits exploration at Jatashankar. This natural cave complex is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is known for its stalactites and stalagmites that resemble the matted locks of the deity. The temple within the cave adds a spiritual dimension to the visit.

Apsara Vihar (Fairy Pool)

Apsara Vihar, often referred to as the “Fairy Pool,” is a serene and picturesque spot. It features a natural pool surrounded by lush vegetation and moss-covered rocks. The clear, cool waters are inviting, making it a delightful place for a refreshing dip.

Handi Khoh

If you’re a fan of trekking and adventure, Handi Khoh is the place to be. This breathtaking ravine, known as “The Handi,” is surrounded by vertical cliffs that drop down to a depth of 300 feet. The trekking trail leading to Handi Khoh takes you through dense forests and offers glimpses of various flora and fauna.

Chauragarh Temple

For those seeking spiritual experiences, a visit to the Chauragarh Temple is a must. This temple, perched atop Chauragarh Hill, is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is known for the tradition of tying trishuls (tridents) offered by devotees. The panoramic views from this hill are worth the climb.

Pachmarhi Lake

Pachmarhi Lake, also known as the Bison Lodge Lake, is a tranquil spot where you can enjoy boating amidst lush surroundings. The lake is often visited by various bird species, making it a birdwatcher’s paradise.

Christ Church

Pachmarhi’s colonial history is well-preserved in the form of Christ Church, a beautiful and serene church built during the British era. The architecture and tranquility of this place make it an ideal spot for introspection and peaceful contemplation.

Bison Lodge Museum

To delve into the history and culture of Pachmarhi, a visit to the Bison Lodge Museum is a must. This museum houses a fascinating collection of artifacts, photographs, and memorabilia that provide insights into the hill station’s past.

Rajat Prapat (Big Fall)

As the name suggests, Rajat Prapat, or Big Fall, is one of the most magnificent waterfalls in the region. It cascades down from a height of 107 meters (351 feet) in a single drop, creating a shimmering spectacle. The lush forest setting enhances the beauty of this natural wonder.

Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve

Pachmarhi is not just about its picturesque landscapes; it is also home to a rich variety of wildlife. The Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve is a protected area that encompasses diverse ecosystems and wildlife species. A guided safari through this reserve offers a chance to spot leopards, sloth bears, and a variety of bird species.

Jata Shankar Cave

Jata Shankar Cave is a natural cave formation that houses a sacred Shiva lingam. The cave’s unique structure and spiritual significance make it an important pilgrimage site for devotees.

Duchess Fall

Duchess Fall, also known as “Rajeshwari Fall,” is another enchanting waterfall nestled amidst the verdant forests of Pachmarhi. The trek to reach this waterfall is an adventure in itself, as it leads you through dense foliage and rugged terrain.


For the adventurous souls, Reechgarh offers an exciting cave exploration experience. This cave is known for its impressive stalactite formations and the legend of a bear, giving it its name, which means “Bear’s Cave.”

Priyadarshini Point (Forsyth Point)

Priyadarshini Point, also known as Forsyth Point, provides a stunning panoramic view of the scenic landscape. It is named after Captain James Forsyth, who discovered Pachmarhi in 1857. The point offers a breathtaking vista of the valley below.

Pandav Caves and Waterfall

These caves are said to have been the hiding place of the Pandavas during their exile, much like the Pandava Caves. The waterfall nearby adds to the beauty of the site, making it a peaceful spot for a leisurely walk and reflection.

Chhota Mahadev Cave

Chhota Mahadev Cave is another religious site dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is a smaller cave compared to Jatashankar, but it holds its own charm and significance.

Handi Khoh Viewpoint

If you’re not up for the challenging trek to Handi Khoh, you can still enjoy its beauty from the Handi Khoh Viewpoint. It offers a stunning vista of the deep ravine and the surrounding forest.

Mahadeo Hills

Mahadeo Hills are a prominent part of Pachmarhi’s landscape and are home to the Mahadeo Temple. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is surrounded by dense forests, making it a serene and spiritual place to visit.

Duchess Fall Viewpoint

After trekking to Duchess Fall, don’t forget to climb up to the Duchess Fall Viewpoint. It rewards you with an incredible view of the waterfall and the surrounding wilderness.

Vanashree Vihar

Vanashree Vihar is a park and garden located near Apsara Vihar. It’s a great place for a leisurely stroll amidst lush greenery, and you can enjoy the serene atmosphere and the sounds of nature.

Rajendra Giri Sunset Point

As the sun sets over Pachmarhi, head to Rajendra Giri Sunset Point for a mesmerizing experience. The play of colors in the sky and the panoramic view of the landscape make it a perfect spot for nature lovers and photographers.

Handi Khoh Waterfall

If you’ve made it to Handi Khoh, don’t forget to explore the waterfall nearby. It offers a cool and refreshing break during your trek.

Dhoopgarh Sunset Point

Finally, end your day at Pachmarhi by returning to Dhoopgarh for the sunset. The breathtaking view from the highest point in the Satpura Range is a fitting way to conclude your exploration of this enchanting hill station.

Pachmarhi’s natural beauty, rich history, and serene atmosphere make it a perfect destination for nature enthusiasts, history buffs, and those seeking spiritual solace. Whether you’re an adventure seeker or someone looking to relax amidst nature’s tranquility, Pachmarhi has something to offer for everyone.

So, pack your bags, embark on a journey of Pachmarhi Hill Station Places to Visit, and immerse yourself in the enchantment of this hidden gem in the heart of India.

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