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Places to Visit Near Satara in Rainy Season

Posted by India Kutir on September 20, 2023

Satara, a picturesque district in Maharashtra, India, comes alive with vibrant greenery and cascading waterfalls during the rainy season. Nestled in the Western Ghats, this region boasts some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. As the monsoon clouds roll in, Satara and its surroundings transform into a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. In this blog, we’ll take you on a virtual tour of 10 enchanting Places to Visit Near Satara in Rainy Season, promising an unforgettable experience.

Kaas Plateau

Known as the “Valley of Flowers of Maharashtra,” the Kaas Plateau is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a biodiversity hotspot. During the monsoon, this plateau bursts into a riot of colors as numerous wildflowers bloom.

It’s a haven for botany enthusiasts, offering a chance to witness rare and endemic flora. You can’t miss Kaas Plateau while exploring Places to Visit Near Satara in Rainy Season.

Thoseghar Waterfalls

The Thoseghar Waterfalls, one of the tallest waterfalls in Maharashtra, is a breathtaking sight in the rainy season. Surrounded by lush greenery, the falls cascade from a height of 500 meters. A visit here promises mesmerizing views and a chance to unwind amidst nature’s beauty.

Sajjangad Fort

Sajjangad Fort, perched atop a hill, offers panoramic views of the entire region. The monsoon mist adds an ethereal touch to the landscape, making it a serene and spiritual place to explore. The fort is also home to the Samadhi (final resting place) of the revered Saint Ramdas.

Vajrai Waterfall

Vajrai Waterfall, near Kasara, is another gem that comes to life during the rainy season. It’s the tallest waterfall in Maharashtra, plunging from a height of approximately 853 feet. The trek to reach Vajrai is adventurous and rewards you with a spectacular view.

Chalkewadi Windmill Farms

The Chalkewadi Windmill Farms, set against the backdrop of the Sahyadri Mountains, are a sight to behold during the monsoons. The lush green fields and the towering wind turbines create a surreal ambiance. It’s a great place for photography enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Ajinkyatara Fort

For history buffs and adventure seekers, a visit to Ajinkyatara Fort is a must. This ancient hill fort offers a glimpse into Maratha history and commands stunning views of Satara city. The trek to the fort becomes even more exciting in the rainy season.

Natraj Temple, Pali

The Natraj Temple in Pali, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is known for its unique location. The temple stands in the middle of a river, and during the monsoons, the surroundings turn into a serene water wonderland. It’s a tranquil spot for meditation and reflection.

Thoseghar Nature Camp

For those seeking an immersive experience in nature, Thoseghar Nature Camp is an ideal destination. Nestled amidst thick forests, this eco-camp offers a tranquil retreat. You can enjoy activities like trekking, bird watching, and stargazing while surrounded by lush greenery.

Kass Pathar Camping

Camping at Kass Pathar is a magical experience during the monsoons. Imagine spending a night under the starry sky in the midst of a flower-laden plateau. Campfire, starlit conversations, and the sound of raindrops make it an unforgettable adventure.

Sajjangad Bird Sanctuary

Birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts will find solace at Sajjangad Bird Sanctuary. This sanctuary is home to a variety of avian species, and the monsoon season attracts migratory birds. Capture the beauty of these winged creatures in their natural habitat.


The rainy season in Satara and its vicinity is a time when nature dons its finest attire, presenting an awe-inspiring spectacle. From vibrant plateaus and majestic waterfalls to historic forts and serene temples, this region offers a diverse range of experiences.

Whether you’re a nature lover, adventure enthusiast, or someone seeking tranquility, Places to Visit Near Satara in Rainy Season have something special to offer during the monsoons. Plan your trip wisely, embrace the rains, and make memories that will last a lifetime in this enchanting part of Maharashtra.

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