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Places to Visit Near Vasco Da Gama Goa

Posted by India Kutir on October 1, 2023

When you think of Goa, pristine beaches, vibrant nightlife, and lively markets probably come to mind. However, there’s much more to this tropical paradise than meets the eye. Just a stone’s throw away from Vasco da Gama, a charming coastal town in Goa, lie a plethora of lesser-known but equally enchanting destinations waiting to be explored. In this blog, we’ll take you on a virtual tour of some of the best places to visit near Vasco da Gama, offering a different perspective of Goa beyond its beaches.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Starting our journey of Places to Visit Near Vasco Da Gama Goa with a majestic natural wonder, Dudhsagar Waterfalls is a must-visit destination. Located approximately 47 kilometers from Vasco da Gama, this cascading beauty is one of India’s tallest waterfalls, standing at a staggering height of 310 meters.

The falls, surrounded by lush greenery, resemble a sea of milk, which is what ‘Dudhsagar’ translates to. Visitors can trek through the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary or take a Jeep safari to get up close to this mesmerizing sight. Dudhsagar is particularly enchanting during the monsoon season when it’s at its roaring best.

Mollem National Park

Adjacent to Dudhsagar Waterfalls lies Mollem National Park, a biodiversity hotspot and a haven for nature enthusiasts. This protected area is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, including several endangered species.

Besides hiking and bird-watching opportunities, Mollem National Park is famous for its Tambdi Surla Temple, a 13th-century marvel constructed in the Kadamba-Yadava architectural style. A visit here offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and cultural richness.

Shantadurga Temple

For a spiritual experience near Vasco da Gama, the Shantadurga Temple in Kavlem is a serene destination. Located around 28 kilometers from Vasco, this temple is dedicated to Goddess Shantadurga, the goddess of peace.

The architecture is a blend of Indo-Portuguese and Goan styles, reflecting the region’s rich cultural heritage. The temple’s peaceful ambiance and intricate carvings make it a perfect place for introspection and reflection.

Palácio do Deão

If history and architecture fascinate you, a visit to Palácio do Deão is a must. Situated in Quepem, approximately 33 kilometers from Vasco, this 18th-century mansion is a stunning example of Portuguese colonial architecture.

The palace is surrounded by lush gardens and offers a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of colonial-era Goa. The nearby church and the serene view of the Kushavati River add to the charm of this place.

Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary

For wildlife enthusiasts, the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary is a hidden gem near Vasco da Gama. Located around 40 kilometers from the town, this sanctuary is home to a variety of wildlife species, including leopards, bison, deer, and a wide array of birds and reptiles.

The dense forests and well-marked trails make it a perfect spot for trekking and exploring the wilderness.


For a glimpse into Goa’s rich history, a visit to Chandor is highly recommended. Situated about 25 kilometers from Vasco da Gama, this quaint village is dotted with ancient mansions that offer a peek into the aristocratic Goan lifestyle of yesteryears.

The most notable attraction is the Braganza House, a 17th-century mansion that features an extensive library, antique furniture, and beautiful murals. Chandor is also home to the Church of Our Lady of Hope, which is worth a visit.

Verna Springs

A serene and offbeat destination near Vasco da Gama is the Verna Springs, located around 7 kilometers from the town. This freshwater spring is surrounded by lush greenery, making it an ideal spot for a tranquil picnic or a leisurely nature walk.

The crystal-clear waters and the chirping of birds create a soothing ambiance that offers respite from the bustling tourist spots in Goa.


While Goa is renowned for its beaches and parties, the places near Vasco da Gama offer a different facet of this tropical paradise. From awe-inspiring waterfalls to serene temples, from historic mansions to pristine wildlife sanctuaries, the region is a treasure trove of hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

So, the next time you plan a trip to Goa, make sure to include these lesser-known Places to Visit Near Vasco Da Gama Goa in your itinerary to experience the true essence of this coastal wonderland.

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