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Tourist Places Near Shimoga within 100 Kms

Posted by India Kutir on September 6, 2023

Nestled in the lush green landscapes of Karnataka, Shimoga is a haven for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. Known as the ‘Gateway of Malnad,’ this picturesque city is famous for its gushing waterfalls, dense forests, and rich cultural heritage. While Shimoga itself is a captivating destination, there are Tourist Places Near Shimoga within 100 Kms radius. In this blog, we will take you on a journey to explore the best tourist places near Shimoga within 100 kilometers.

Jog Falls (65 Kms)

No Tourist Places Near Shimoga within 100 Kms would be complete without visiting the majestic Jog Falls, one of the highest waterfalls in India. Nestled amidst the Western Ghats, Jog Falls is a sight to behold during the monsoon season when it’s in full glory. The four cascading waterfalls – Raja, Rani, Rocket, and Roarer – create a breathtaking spectacle that will leave you spellbound.

Activities: You can take a walk to the viewpoint, enjoy a boat ride in the Sharavathi River, or trek to the bottom of the falls for a closer look.

Kodachadri (85 Kms)

For trekking enthusiasts, Kodachadri is a dream come true. This enchanting hill station offers a challenging yet rewarding trek through dense forests, lush meadows, and stunning viewpoints. At the summit, you’ll be treated to panoramic views of the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea.

Activities: Trekking, camping, and exploring the famous Sarvajna Peetha, a pilgrimage site.

Kundadri Hill (65 Kms)

Kundadri Hill is a serene destination known for its Jain temple and the pristine 360-degree views it offers. A short trek through the forested trail will lead you to the top, where you can witness a mesmerizing sunrise or sunset.

Activities: Trekking, temple visit, and photography.

Kollur (80 Kms)

Kollur is a revered pilgrimage destination for Hindus, home to the Mookambika Temple dedicated to Goddess Mookambika. The temple’s architecture is a testament to the rich heritage of South India.

Activities: Temple visit, exploring the quaint town, and trying the local cuisine.

Agumbe (90 Kms)

Known as the “Cherrapunji of South India,” Agumbe is a rainforest paradise. The lush green surroundings and abundant biodiversity make it a perfect destination for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Activities: Visit the Agumbe Rainforest Research Station, trek to Kudlu Theertha Falls, and indulge in rainforest photography.

Honnemaradu (90 Kms)

If you’re seeking a tranquil getaway, Honnemaradu is the place to be. Situated on the banks of the Sharavathi River, this pristine location offers water sports, camping, and a chance to connect with nature.

Activities: Kayaking, coracle rides, camping, and birdwatching.

Sakkare Bayalu (40 Kms)

 For those interested in history and archaeology, Sakkare Bayalu is a lesser-known gem. It’s an ancient site with stone carvings that date back to the 12th century. These carvings offer a glimpse into the rich history of the region.

Activities: Exploring ancient stone carvings, photography, and picnicking.

Kavaledurga Fort (95 Kms)

History buffs will appreciate the Kavaledurga Fort, a hilltop fort with a rich past. The trek to the fort is an adventure in itself, and the panoramic views from the top are worth the effort.

Activities: Trekking, exploring the fort ruins, and photography.


Shimoga and its neighboring areas within a 100-kilometer radius offer a diverse range of experiences for every traveler. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, a nature lover, a history enthusiast, or a religious pilgrim, these hidden gems have something unique to offer.

So, the next time you plan a trip to Shimoga, don’t forget to explore these captivating destinations nearby, and immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of this mesmerizing region.

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