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How to Bring Happiness in Life

Posted by India Kutir on January 24, 2023

If you are happy then life seems to be very beautiful but as soon as you become sad everything seems desolate. Every one of us wants to be happy so that our life goes on happily. But it is very difficult to be happy in the times we are going through.

In this article, I will discuss the enemies of our happiness. People are always mistaken as they search for happiness outside but the fact is Happiness often comes from within.

True Friendship

In childhood, when there were parties and laughter with friends, there was no room left for anxiety and depression.

Today, you spend a whole lot of time surfing the internet and social platforms. You end up meeting people who are not your real friends. Fakes don’t last long. Please remember, people who you meet on social platforms, show their glorified version that is very far from reality.

I am not cynical about social platforms as it has enabled the fastest communication ever. What I believe is, it helps a lot only when you use it for your real friends. Internet-enabled social platforms are just a medium of communication, but we have made them a place to visit frequently and add friends.

In a true sense, social media friends are only useful for pressing the like button. You press theirs and they press yours. There are no emotions attached. If a person is not with you in your happiness and sorrow, then you cannot call him a friend.

True friendships are a very important chapter in your life. Spend quality time with your friends and they will erase your sorrow.

Sibling Relationship

This very special relationship is losing its charm and is on the verge of ending today.

I love Raksha bandhan festival very much. An atmosphere of immense happiness is created in the house when the sister and daughter come home. A wave of happiness runs in the house and the surrounding environment. There is a very happy atmosphere when the father shares his happiness and sorrow with his sister, and we share with our sister.

The brother-sister relationship is a very precious relationship. The childhood of all of us is full of mischief and happiness in which there is no bigger friend than sister and brother. If these two meet at any point in life, childhood starts unfolding like a movie and all your sorrows disappear in that happiness.

It feels great to go back to childhood and the name of the machine that takes you back to childhood is the fruitful brother-sister relationship. Cherish this beautiful relationship because it brings happiness in life.

Family Bonding

In today’s fast-paced life, it is not at all possible for the whole family to have breakfast, lunch and dinner together. Everyone’s arrival and departure times are different. Some leave early, some come late. In such a situation, it is very difficult to coordinate with each other.

As a family, we should try to eat together once in 24 hours. By doing this we all get time to talk to each other and get to know about each other’s problems. By talking, mutual differences end, and relationships become happy and strong.

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