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How To Choose Colours For Your Home

Posted by India Kutir on June 18, 2020

How To Choose Colours For Your Home

Are you considering a new colour to add a flourish to one of your rooms? Or perhaps hoping to make a statement with a whole new colour scheme and interior design project? If so, we’ve got some essential tips from the experts to take into consideration.

Match and changes with your key features

Is there any furniture or permanent features in your home that are immovable, such as large pieces of furniture made from dark wood? Or perhaps restored or preserved wooden beams? If so, you must take stock of these elements when designing your home and choosing any new colours. Ultimately, they must work together harmoniously.

Match wall colours with your belongings

Don’t choose a wall colour in isolation of your belongings. If you have a set of cushion covers with accents of red or blue, then try to consider these aspects when choosing your paint. You may find that certain colours clash or complement these aspects.

Don’t rush to certain colours

Don’t just choose your favourite colour or something that has worked in someone else’s home. Instead, get to know the colour wheel in detail, including which colours go well together and the associations that these colours have. Red, green, yellow and so on all have an impact on mood and atmosphere.

Test paints

Choose a wall and use it as a test pallet. After all, you’ll be panting this space eventually, so make use of preparation time and test different colours to see how they would look. You can also place different items in front of this wall to see how it complements them.

Plan your rooms together

One of the biggest mistakes people make when painting their homes is not considering adjacent rooms. They don’t have to be the same colour but you should do your best to make them complement each other. Also consider the styles that are used, such as wallpaper, feature walls, ceiling painting and split colours.

Complement your neutrals

Don’t just focus on dominant primary colours. Also think about the neutrals that you will use in your rooms. Magnolia, whites, greys and creams will all set your other more bolder colours off more effectively and create a comfortable default atmosphere.

How do you use your home

Homes can be incredibly different in terms of their function. While we all need a roof over our heads, people and families behave differently when they are at home. Parties, socialising, relaxing, large meals, working from home etc.

These are all activities that you need to match with your house design. If you have young kids for instance, you don’t want to have too many delicate items around or colours that can be easily smudged or ruined. Equally, try to think about the mood and atmosphere you would like to create. Sometimes creating a sleek and stylish home will conflict with your desire to have a warm and cosy abode.

Pay attention to light conditions

How bright are you rooms? Where does the light come from? Which direction do your windows face? Think about these questions when choosing your room colours. You don’t want to use extremely dark colours in a space that doesn’t have much light, such as blacks, dark greys or deep blues. You can modify these spaces by using more light colours to create illusions of space and brightness, even if there aren’t natural sources of light to rely on.

Maximize space

Similar to the last tip, think about how colours impact space. As in, how will a certain palette make a room bigger or smaller. Lighter more neutral tones are good for spaces that are small because they make them feel more expansive and open, however, darker tones may create a feeling of claustrophobia or restriction which are not well suited to certain areas such as narrow hallways or small bedrooms.

Ask for help

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