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How to Write Effective Real Estate Ads

Posted by India Kutir on June 18, 2020

How to Write Effective Real Estate Ads

We are living in the age of information technology. In the current era, technology matters more than anything else. The E-commerce platform is evolving rapidly which enables the buy and sales of commodities over the internet. The real estate industry is not untouched from technology. Since most of the real estate transactions are happening through the online listing, buyers are able to see the images and read descriptions of the property with ease. The point to be noted here is if your listings don’t stand out from the crowd then you lose competitive advantages as buyers will be going to someone else.

In this article, we will provide you some useful tips which help in selling your home more efficiently and with the greater sale price.

Eye-catchy title

The title is very important. An eye-catchy title attracts buyers to open the listing and go through it. Add something extra that incites buyers to open your listing. Write “2 bhk apartments in Dwarka near international school” instead of “2 bhk apartment in Dwarka”, “bungalow for sale in south Delhi in perfect condition”  instead of “bungalow for sale in south Delhi”.

Description of the property

More than 50 percent of home buyers are going online to search for property. Out of these, almost 90 percent of people are satisfied with the listing if the description is written properly. I am not suggesting you overstate but make sure all the details are added like a short description, selling price, property size; don’t write a lengthy post but mention each and every detail. If the property size is 900 Sq. Ft, please mention it but don’t overstate the size unnecessarily.

Image of the property

Visuals work faster than anything else. Make sure you add HD images of the property as this will leave a good impression on the buyers’ minds. Always try to justify your description by your images. If you write something in the description, buyers will be looking at the pictures for the same. Don’t add just random photos; make sure the quality of the images is good. If possible hire a professional photographer to photo-shoot of your property as it attracts the eyeballs of buyers.

Features of the property

Describe the property features accurately. Don’t forget anything which worth value to the home. Write everything needed but don’t create unrealistic expectations as you may feel embarrassed at the time when buyers arrive. Don’t mention any features like a swimming pool or tennis court just for attracting customers as sales will eventually decline if these features are not available at the property site. To describe beautiful features of the home always use words like Impeccable, luxurious, landscaped.

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