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Bhowali Tourist Places: A Journey through Uttarakhand’s Hidden Gem

Posted by India Kutir on September 13, 2023

Bhowali, a serene hill station nestled in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, India, is often overlooked in favor of its more famous neighbors like Nainital and Bhimtal. However, for those seeking a peaceful and offbeat destination, Bhowali Tourist Places prove to be hidden gem waiting to be discovered. With its lush green landscapes, picturesque fruit orchards, and a plethora of tourist attractions, Bhowali offers an enchanting getaway for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.

The Bhowali Fruit Market

The journey to Bhowali typically begins with a visit to its famous fruit market. Known as the ‘fruit bowl of Kumaon,’ Bhowali is renowned for its abundant production of apples, apricots, plums, and peaches. The fruit market is a vibrant hub where you can witness the locals trading these fresh and juicy delights. The best time to visit is during the summer and early autumn months when the market is brimming with a variety of fruits in their prime.

Golu Devta Temple

One of the most significant religious sites in the region is the Golu Devta Temple, located in Bhowali. This ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Golu, an incarnation of Lord Shiva, and is known for its unique tradition of offering written petitions, or ‘ghantis,’ to seek the deity’s blessings and fulfill one’s wishes. The temple’s serene ambiance and breathtaking panoramic views make it a must-visit for both spiritual seekers and architecture enthusiasts.

The Fruit Research Center

For those interested in horticulture and agriculture, the Fruit Research Center in Bhowali is a fascinating place to explore. Established in 1928, this research center is focused on developing and promoting fruit cultivation in the region. Visitors can learn about different fruit varieties, cultivation techniques, and even taste some of the freshly harvested fruits. It’s an educational and delightful experience rolled into one.

Khutani Devi Temple

Another noteworthy religious site in Bhowali is the Khutani Devi Temple, dedicated to the goddess Khutani Devi. This temple is known for its tranquil surroundings and panoramic views of the Himalayan peaks. It’s a peaceful spot where you can spend some time in meditation or simply soak in the spiritual vibes.

Bhowali Sanatorium

A slice of history awaits you at the Bhowali Sanatorium, which was established during the British colonial era. This sanatorium was built for British soldiers suffering from tuberculosis. Today, it stands as an architectural marvel with its colonial-style buildings surrounded by lush gardens. The serene atmosphere and architectural beauty make it an ideal place for a leisurely stroll and photography.

Scenic Drives and Treks

Bhowali offers several scenic drives and trekking opportunities for nature enthusiasts. The drive to Ramgarh from Bhowali is especially enchanting, passing through dense forests and offering breathtaking views of the mountains. Additionally, you can embark on treks to nearby places like Ranikhet and Mukteshwar, both of which offer spectacular vistas and a chance to explore the unspoiled wilderness.

Butterfly Research Center

Bhowali also houses the Butterfly Research Center, a unique attraction dedicated to the study and conservation of butterflies. This center provides valuable insights into the world of butterflies and their role in the ecosystem. It’s a great place for families and nature lovers to learn about the vibrant world of these delicate creatures.

Excursions to Nearby Lakes

While Bhowali itself doesn’t have any major lakes, it serves as an excellent base for exploring nearby lakes like Sattal, Bhimtal, and Nainital. These picturesque lakes offer boating and birdwatching opportunities, making them perfect for a day trip from Bhowali.

Stay Options

Bhowali offers a range of accommodation options to suit different budgets. From cozy guesthouses to upscale resorts, you can find a comfortable place to stay while exploring the area. Many of these accommodations offer stunning views of the surrounding hills and valleys.

Local Cuisine

No visit to Bhowali Tourist Places would be complete without savoring the local Kumaoni cuisine. You can relish traditional dishes like Aloo Ke Gutke (spiced potatoes), Baadi (a local lentil dish), and Bhatt Ki Churkani (black bean curry) at local restaurants and dhabas. Don’t forget to try the locally made fruit preserves and jams, which are both delicious and make for great souvenirs.


Bhowali Tourist Places, with its serene landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and proximity to other popular hill stations, is a hidden treasure in Uttarakhand. It offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, spirituality, and adventure, making it an ideal destination for a rejuvenating vacation.

Whether you’re a nature lover, a history buff, or a spiritual seeker, Bhowali has something unique to offer. So, the next time you plan a trip to the Uttarakhand region, consider exploring the hidden gems of Bhowali for an unforgettable experience.

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